One last Trip with Matilda

Two Auto-Trails in Mining Country

Here we are parked in front of our friend Peter waiting for Gary and Carol to arrive. It took just over an hour to get here from home. The sun is out and we were soon set up on a pitch infront of Peter.

Gary and Carol arrived at about 3pm and after getting them some tea and coffee we left them to set up.

Once we were all set up the call of the Wild was pulling us towards the hills. Well we went for a short walk with our friends and then back to the camp site, a quick cup of tea and we went back to Matilda.
Sue had made a curry which just needed heating along with some Naan breads. The rice was a special microwave variety that Carol was going to heat because we do not have a microwave although Iona will have one but that will be another blog.

Supper went well and we left our friends early because they were both looking tired, Gary had been on nights and was ready for some sleep.

Dog walking field


Day 2

Woken by heavy rain at about 5.30am, dosed until 8.00am when I gave in and got up. Sue went across to Carols for breakfast but I gave it a miss. Later Peter dropped by for a chat and he gave us some directions on where to go for a walk. Gary came over for soup and a roll and then we went for a walk.

Opposite the campsite is the site of the old Silverhill Colliery that closed in 1992. All the spoil heaps have been landscaped and planted with deciduous trees and conifers as a timber crop.
At the top of the largest hill is a sculpture of a miner and several plaques remembering the colliery and it’s history.
Spectacular views although it was a dull day but what a transformation of Spoil Heaps.

Testing for Gas



The Compass on the Summit
A sad list of the Mines and when they closed, (upto 2005).



On a good day you can see 5 counties



One of several marked trails aroung the 115 hectare site.

After the long walk we retired back to Matilda and Gaz went to his van to check on Carol. Later we all came together for supper. By 9.30pm we said our goodbyes and returned to Matilda to find that Carol’s clock in their caravan was still on summertime and it was only 8.30pm. We  contacted Peter next door and arranged to visit him with bottle of the red stuff. It was a really good weekend and made better on Sunday when it was warm and fine while we all packed and headed for home, except Peter who was staying on for a few more days.

The Super Moon Climbing over Matilda  

This will be the last trip in Matilda. December and January are normally hibernation months where we don’t go anywhere, although we may use her as a mobile bedroom and visit one of our son’s over Christmas. Then in theory we will collect Iona in January and a new chapter and adventures start all over again.

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