Time for a Change

Our old Motorhome – Matilda

We have had an Auto-Trail called Matilda for two years and we have written a blog about her travels. https://matildastravels.wordpress.com/

Now we have got used to this new adventure we want a slightly bigger Motorhome with a different layout. Auto-Trail were launching a new range for 2017 and we liked one of the models so we went to Brownhills in Newark where they were having a launch weekend. We looked at the model we favoured , talked at length to a salesman who said Brownhills would give us the best deal and we went home to think about it.

Two weeks later the Lincoln Motorhome show was held at Lincoln showground, all the major manufacturers were going to be there so we decided a trip was in order and we went along for another look. The model we were interested in was on the Spinney stand and we had several looks around the vehicle and interogated a salesman about all the features. He offered to give us a rough quote on a part exchange with our current motorhome. We got the quote from the dealer and then drove to Brownhills at Newark to place the order, however Brownhills were miles away from the offer we had at the show. It was disappointing because Brownhills are the nearest Auto-Trail dealer, but not too distraught we walked back to our car which was in their car park. We sat in the car and had a chat about the offers.

Having decided that we wanted to go for the new model we rang the Spinney salesman at the Lincoln motorhome show. He confirmed the offer and we placed the order for our new Motorhome over the phone, an Auto-Trail Imala 734. The rough translation of Imala in Native American is ‘She Who Knows’

The new Motorhome – Iona

Iona is now on order and the provisional delivery date is in January 2017. Why Iona? Well while chatting about the new purchase the phrase, ‘I-own-a Motorhome ‘ came up, so Iona was chosen as the name for our next motorhome.

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